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What is Web Application Security? Top Companies Offering Web Application Securities

Any web-based business should think about web application security and it is one of the central components for that web-based business. The Internet has global nature and this is the reason it exposes all kinds of web properties towards attacks. The attacks can happen from all different locations and the worst part is it can happen at all levels. There are attacks happening at all levels, at different scales, and at all kinds of complexity levels.

At this point, there should be some security measures that can help in securing a web-based business. Web application security comes in to picture for the same reason. Web application security deals with providing the best security for nearby websites that are surrounding. It also provides security for web services and web applications. Web application security protects even APIs.

Vulnerabilities in web app security

There are wide ranges of attacks that occur on web apps. This can range from large-scale network disruptions to targeted database manipulation. There are a lot of methods of attacks that are commonly exploited. Let’s look into some of them.

XSS or Cross-Site Scripting

XSS is one of the vulnerabilities which can allow an attacker to inject the client-side scripts. This will result in a client-side script turning into a webpage and that helps in accessing the most important information. Here the access happens directly and this can impersonate users or it can also trick the user. Users will easily fall into revealing their important information. This is a common malicious strategy in web applications that have a lot of peer to peer interaction such as social media applications and online dating applications. Adult dating apps and free sex sites are particular targets. Meet n fuck tonight apps like Free Fuckbook was one of the first adult sex apps to all but insure against XSS threats by adopting web application security and rigorous web app security testing.

SQi or SQL injection

Here the attacker uses a method through which he starts exploiting vulnerabilities through away so that the database executes its queries. Through SQi attackers get complete access to the user database. This results in accessing unauthorized information and they can easily modify it. The worst part is, they can also create their own new users and user permissions. Another case is, they access the database and finally destroy or manipulate sensitive data present in the database.

DoS or Denial of Service

Here attackers make use of vectors and through this, they try to overload the server. They also try to overload their surroundings and infrastructure as well. For this, they make use of different traffic. This results in the server which will no longer process incoming requests as expected and it starts to behave sluggishly. Finally, it will deny services even for legitimate users.

Memory corruption

Memory corruption is something where memory is modified unintentionally. This leads to unexpected and unusual behavior of the software.

Web application firewall or WAF

Through a web application firewall, you can easily protect web applications. This helps web applications against attacks and malicious traffic. This can be understood as filtration barriers that work between the targeted server and the web attacker. The web application firewall is actually capable of protecting the server against attacks such as cross-site scripting, cross-site forgery, and even SQL injection.

DDoS mitigation

There is one more attack preventing method and that is DDoS. It means distributed denial-of-service attacks. This is one of the commonly used methods that are in use for disrupting web applications.

Top Companies

There are few top companies on which any business can easily rely on web security. Let’s look into some of the companies which are providing top web securities.


This company is providing a lot of web security services and it is one of the best. If you are looking for web application security providers then you should consider this company. It can offer better services such as vulnerability assessment, security code review, penetration testing, and compliance testing. It also takes care of infrastructure security audits.


If you are in search of the best company for web application security, then you should look into the services provided by ImmuniWeb. They are best at providing services such as Asset Inventory and Asset Discovery, Security Scoreboard, Security rating, application security testing, continuous security monitoring, Software composition analysis, Penetration testing for mobile applications, and penetration testing for web applications. They also offer services like virtual patching, DSS compliance, data leaks monitoring, and dark web monitoring.


This is also one of the best choices if you need web application security service providers. They are good at providing security services such as cloud security, network security, email security, endpoint security, information protection, and advanced threat protection.

Check Point Software

This company is one of the topmost companies which are popular for offering the best web application securities. Some of the services they can offer are security management, endpoint security, mobile security, cloud security, and network security.


If you have listed cisco, then you have made the right choice. You can easily rely on web application security provided by this company. They offer services like cloud security, endpoint security, firewall, malware protection, and email security. You can easily rely on Cisco for all kinds of web application security services and even for multi-factor authentication.


This company is listed among one of the top companies providing web application security. CyberArk offers services like Endpoint privilege manager, Conjur, Application Identity Manager, Security as well as risk management for both DevOps and Cloud and access security at its best.


This company offers a lot of web application security services and best among them are cloud security, managed security, email security, and endpoint security. You can also rely on them for network security.


Imperva is popular for application security. They are also well known for data security which covers data masking, data risk analysis, and data risk protection, and even files security.

Final Thoughts

Web application security is most important for every business that goes online. The web application security should be done at the best level otherwise the company will suffer from a lot of issues like database attacks and retrievals of important data by unauthorized people. Security can be offered at all levels and it is better to pick the top company which offers all kinds of web application security. You can refer to the above list and pick one of the companies that provide the most suitable web application security services for your business.